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    We are working on a new edition in english. Planned publication this year 2020

    HOMO CAPUT Cover

About the author

Bernhard Brändli, born in 1951, has been a highly successful psychotherapist, instructor and director of a therapeutic institute (also see 2-b.ch). However, all of this could not fully satisfy him. Since his youth he has been yearning for an all-encompassing and sustainably effective solution for the major problems in our society. Soon he was forced to learn that all existing efforts were far from a real solution. It became clear: things had to change.

In addition to his various professional activities 2b, as he calls himself, has been involved in independent research for the past 40 years in order to end the «Human-down» of Homo sapiens-caput – the continuous loss of vitality and natural life intelligence, with all its brute and disastrous consequences – and to herald the start of a global turnaround towards «Human-Up!».

In considerable consequence he has parted ways with a promising career and the associated financial success, and finally devoted his life entirely to research and testing – until finally the uncompromisingly valid results became available. Thus, the author realizes a dream that he has cherished since his youth, namely to contribute substantially to the well-being of this species. HOMO CAPUT is the testimony of great pioneering and an invaluable service to humanity.

Autor: Bernhard Brändli