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As a future beneficiary of this tremendous process, you will quite naturally, completely out of yourself, actively contribute to the finally true well-being of humanity in the world.
We call this the normal revolution. Instead of finally agreeing with the human downfall that has been going on for a long time and in which we are in danger of drowning, despite all our good intentions, you will step by step help the Human-UP!, the homo normalis, which will make us to just normal people again, to finally achieve a breakthrough.

Super! We look forward to seeing you.

On the following websites you can find out more about NormalRevolution.

Our Insider Blog (German)

… now also to find as «Forum UP!» (German)

Private page of the founder and book author (also in English)

Perspective of the Swiss Community (German)

Outdoor activities (German)

Revolutionary but mandatory Management of your own energy (German, English, French)

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This unbelievable, all-encompassing, global project is just getting started. Because of this, we take any help we can get. The «Human-UP! for NormalRevolution» project needs – and deserves – all kinds of support. Naturally, financial investments help the movement to grow.

Pay via PayPal or by card: NormalRevolution
Or to bank account:
Bank Vontobel, Bernhard Brändli
IBAN: CH07 0875 7000 0129 8165 2

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