What you learn here will challenge you completely, but totally! You will give it your all. After all, you want to - and will! - to get the best out of yourself; more than you ever could. Much more! As a condition for this, you will finally dispose of all the junk inside you successfully and completely sustainably. And you will free the resources hidden deep within you! In other words, a double LIBERATION! - After that, your impact in the world will be fantastic. You will successfully contribute to the Human-UP! Just like that, quite naturally.

Book tip

Detailed information about the MEGATOOL Deep Regeneration (breath bomb-PrimaryProcess) you find in the book by 2b: «HOMO CAPUT».

We actually work on the translation into English.

Work on your BreathBomb

Become overwhelmed by yourself! Whatever you experience: this is all you! You are full of wonders!

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BreathBomb-primal process is the MEGATOOL. Have you ever gone through psychotherapy or the like? Nice try.

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Start Your NormalProject

Or just take an awesome vacation on the beautiful island of Mallorca in a welcoming Finca with pool, just going on enriching hikes, eating great food, relaxing in peace and the most important thing: the start of Your NormalProject!

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